Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A day in the life the non-professional OT marathoner

With just 30 days left until the Olympic Trials I have been reading plenty of feature stories of professional runners getting ready to rock the Olympic Trials. While fascinating, I cannot, nor can the majority of the runners, relate to their lifestyles. Professional running is hard work, but so is training like a professional runner while still holding down a full time job. I decided on my evening run that I would share a typical day as I prepare for the Trials.

5:46am: Alarm goes off. Pretend I can't get out of the altitude tent so Nathan will get the snooze button.
6:05am: Stare at the clock and contemplate exactly when I need to leave the house for my run.
6:09am: Get out of bed, make cup of black tea.
6:10am: Drink tea while writing emails to clients.
6:30am: Get dressed in layers and prepare for run.
6:40am: Start running with Nathan to the Beach.
7:10am: Split up with Nathan and run longer through Land's End
7:35am: Have woman exclaim "You must be freezing" as I run towards her, despite wearing hat, gloves, long sleeve and long tights. It is 43 degrees out.
8:00am: Finish 11 mile run.
8:02am: Bundle up in warm clothes and start making breakfast.
8:03am: Make delicious and quick pumpkin oat pancakes with peanut flour.
8:15am: Eat pancakes while doing client planning for the days double (i.e. two clients).
9:00am: Take quick shower and get dressed
9:43am: Leave for work
10:00am: Arrive at Rainbow grocery and shop for clients.
10:24am: Leave Rainbow and drive to Whole foods to shop for clients.
10:44am: Leave Whole Foods and drive to client #1.
10:54am: Drive round and round in circles looking for a parking spot.
10:58am: Eat snack of kale chips and kombucha and end up wearing both since the kale chips are crumbly and the kombucha explodes.
10:59am: Thank the universe I am a chef and it is normal for me to have food all over my clothing.
11:05am: Start cooking for client.
12:40pm: Finish cooking, clean up and head home for lunch
12:54pm: Walk in front door, sprint to kitchen before I eat my arm off.
12:55pm: Reheat poblano, mushroom, chard enchiladas from the previous night. Put it on a bed of greens and call it a salad.
1:20pm: Leave house for second client
1:30pm: Start cooking for second client. Thank the universe that my client lives a half mile away.
3:45pm: Finish cooking, clean up and head to Whole Foods to buy supplies for dinner
3:55pm: Shop for fajita ingredients
4:05pm: Arrive home
4:12pm: Receive a text message from my mom about Jesus Toaster. Think its spam and text back to make sure her phone didn't get hacked.
4:14pm: Confirm phone not hacked and that according to CNN, the Jesus Toaster is moving "briskly" off the shelves this holiday season.
4:16pm: Realize my mom must be really bored at work.
4:17pm: Play a word in each of the 5 ongoing games of Words with Friends.
4:25pm: Leave house for run number two
5:00pm: Enjoy watching beautiful sunset over Golden Gate bridge
5:25pm: Run through a very dark Presidio and home I don't fall in a hole
5:27pm: Put on Poker Face and start running really really fast
5:40pm: Remember how much I love running at night and what a bad idea it is that I am wearing all dark clothes.
5:45pm: Finish 11 mile run #2.
5:50pm: Start making dinner. Steak and veggie fajitas.
6:05pm: Start writing blog about day.
6:27pm: Realize that the blog is taking me a long time.
6:30pm: Text from Nathan that he is going to be late. Realize I have time to stretch before dinner, but also realize that I might eat my hand off if I do this.
6:40pm: Stretch and do core work.
7:10pm: Finish making dinner
7:20pm: Dinner
7:45pm: Plan for my Thursday client
8:15pm: Take shower number two
8:30pm: Play more Words with Friends, W.E.L.D.E.R and read
9:20pm: Collapse into bed and try to go to sleep because of 4:35am wake up on Thursdays.


  1. That's a pretty sweet schedule actually. Not that mine isn't (though I get up to run a little earlier - 5:25 - am at work by 8).

  2. I am with Danny. I read it at 5am, when I am reading for a run. Then - shower, quick bite, wake up kid, commute to work by bus, work 8 hrs, commute back 1 hr, cook dinner, go for a business appointment (second job), eat dinner with family, wash dishes, watch TV or browse computer 30 min, run 30-40 min extra, stare at the wall till it is appropriate by the family to let you go sleep officially, bedtime shortly after 10pm...obviously, neither Danni nor I are OTQ:)Way to go on making the trials, especially with your NYC time, very impressive!

    (ouch! word verification "unfitc" - how crazy is that for me??!!

  3. Cool to read about your typical day.

  4. Danni and Olga, don't mistakenly think that I am complaining. Not at all!! I love my schedule, I should- I am my own boss afterall. I was merely juxtaposing it those I will be competing again in Houston. I love my schedule and find it a fun challenge to fit everything in (even sneaking in the occasional power nap!)

  5. I know you are not complaining, I think I am:) While I don't want a life of professional OTQ runner (I need more than just running and recovering, even if I can't imagine my life without running), the life you made/carved out for yourself is pretty sweet, working what you love to do and running freely everywhere you want to (because you ARE your own boss after all). It's fun to read, and we plan to come to Houston and watch our beloved ultrans kicking speed in a butt!

  6. *talk smack to Brett when he makes a jackass comment via email/txt

  7. A+ on time management!I used to work split shifts and train and nap(when I could)around that schedule. Sometimes it was a real challenge. I want to wish you all the best in Houston and nothing but success!!! You deserve it!


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