Thursday, October 28, 2010

The word from my sponsor.

Salomon Running has been a great sponsor this year and I really love being a part of their team. They put together this awesome "getting to know" video about me and I wanted to share it! Thanks Salomon and thanks Audrey Weber for a great video!

Once you are done watching, you should go bake some delicious pumpkin scones, seriously.


  1. You look like you might hit your head into the WS sign, did you have to duck or just hurdle it? Nice video though!

  2. indeed this is a great video.

    --kizzy keen

  3. When you say, "running is like your church," I'm totally with you. I used to say this a great amount over the year - running is my religion, and in many respects, because I run every day (one rest day a week), I practice my religion more than most. And, by running, we are closer to god than any one can ever be with out taking the trip to heaven which is a one way venture with no return. I think back to when I was running one day, during a downpour, and I was running with a good friend. It was a spiritual run.

    Cheers and thanks for posting the link.

  4. Oh, and I love that the WS countdown to the start is flicking in the background. Cheers.


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