Tuesday, September 21, 2010

High Sierra/ Yosemite Adventure

This past weekend, the Baker and I headed up to Yosemite for a weekend of running, camping and exploring. We got up to Yosemite very early Saturday morning, secured a campsite and set out for an epic run. We ended up running nearly 37 miles with 12,000 feet of climbing in about 9 hours. We did most of the run on the High Sierra Loop which takes you deep into some very beautiful backcountry. We ran through amazing meadows surrounded by 11,000 foot peaks, past beautiful lakes and over countless rocks and huge stone stairs. We saw Half Dome from the distance and peak after peak. It was a tough, fun run. Pictures tell the story best.


We finished up the run just before dark. After descending and descending for what seemed like forever on very sore knees (from all the downhill on technical terrain) we finished off with some super speedy miles as we could smell the barn! We cleaned up, got in our warm clothes and tucked into some grub at the campsite. Chili, rice and roast vegetables never tasted so good! We even took a walk out to Tuolumne Meadows with our mugs of wine to gaze at the brilliant night sky. Sunday we headed into the valley for a little hiking and checking out more of Yosemite.

I will say this trip has inspired me greatly to attempt a long trail FTK in the near future. I also really want to do some more fastpacking and long hikes. This feels like just the beginning. Looking forward to more adventures soon!


  1. Gorgeous photos - thanks for sharing! This looks like about as much fun as two people could have. It makes me want to pack up my camping gear and go!

  2. Brilliant pictures! Yosemite is on my list in the near future.. and this confirms it. As for the FKT - GO FOR IT! (and let me be part of the crew.. pretty please??)

  3. Awesome photos and weekend! You live in such a great place - so lucky you can take advantage of it! Makes me want to get down there and play. Go for the FKT!!!

  4. Looks like it was a dream weekend!

  5. Fantastic. Yosemite was on the list this summer but didn't come through. Next, for sure.

  6. awesome, awesome pictures Devon. sounds like a grand ol' adventure in one of my fav places.

    dig the new look of the blog too btw!


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