Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend Long Runs Brought to you by FRS (a giveaway!)

End of the first loop, heading up to Rock Springs.
Photo by Jim (Endurables and Hydrapak)

After a great weekend last weekend in Sonoma with a big race, great friends, amazing food and wine tastings post-race, you'd think I'd be able to bask in the post-race revelry for a bit longer. But there is no rest for the weary and the wicked. I took Sunday and Monday off, had some good runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then took Friday off as I was having some tightness issues in my right leg. I spent most of Friday on the foam roller and using my Trigger Point ball. 

By Saturday I was feeling much better and we headed out to meet our Endurables Running Club friends for some time on Mt. Tam. We went nice and light for the first 12 miles, staying with a big crew, then continued on for another 9 around the North side for a good 21 mile day.

Sunday we set out from Muir Beach with the intention of running "not so light" and hopefully also getting "not so wet". I wore my Salomon Fast II Jacket, what I fondly refer to as my "rain preventer". It did its job preventing rain until we reached Rock Springs for the third time in two days. It was very windy and cold at the top and we hustled to a more covered trail. About 10 miles in, we stopped and had a gel each and were on our way. I had only brought one gel, mostly on accident (I thought I had more in my bag but didn't) because I usually don't need more than 1 gel on a 20 mile run. I had stashed an FRS gel in my handheld, just in case. Which turned out to be utterly helpful. 

After reaching West Point Inn we started heading down and down and down through Muir Woods. I started to feel like I was heading for a serious bonk. It was weird since usually doesn't happen, especially not at such a short interval from taking a gel (about 5 miles later). I could tell I was going down into the land of tunnel vision as we hit the road for our final few miles back to Muir Beach. I didn't want to take another gel, it just didn't appeal and we were close enough to the end that I thought maybe I could gut it out. Then I remembered my little FRS chew. I unwrapped it and gobbled it up. With a minute or two, the bonk was busted and I was able to make it back to the car without it being a death march. It would have really sucked to have slogged through that last 2 miles on the road as it was pouring and really windy.

Maybe this all sounds like shameless promotion but my little FRS save yesterday reminded me that I have been sitting on top of an FRS goodie bag that I was going to give away to one lucky reader! I love FRS. It is not a highly caffeine, "fake energy" drink. It is loaded with B vitamins and antioxidants which help me to recover from my workouts and keep going strong during my workouts. Anyone who knows my "Fast Foodie" philosophy, knows I take very seriously the stuff I put into my body.

But make up your own mind, enter the contest and find out for yourself!

How to Enter:

Step 1: Follow me on Twitter: Fast Foodie Cooks
Step 2: Follow FRS on Twitter: FRS
Step 3: Tweet about this giveaway. Something like:  Enter the @FRSHE Healthy Energy Giveaway by @Fastfoodiecooks here:
Step 4: Leave a comment on this post saying you did it.

1. Visit FRS website and check out their products, then post a comment with a flavor you'd like to try (and grab a free sample while you are there!)


2. Become a fan of FRS on Facebook, then comment back here with your facebook name and that you did it.

The winner will be picked at random when I have 100 comments on this post which is about 90 more than I usually get.


  1. Done, done, and done! No way I'm winning but I enjoy the blog nonetheless...good luck this summer!

  2. Honest to God, never heard of, but went to the website and ordered the trial:) Sadly, can't enter your contest as I am not on FB or Twitter. Curious and can't wait to try it, may be use it for LD50?

  3. Done, done, done and now to a healthy are a huge inspiration Devon

  4. HUGE fan of FRS. It's good stuff. I didn't know they sponsored athletes - you gotta hook me up!


  5. Hey Devon, you rock lady! I Tweeted on Twitter (bretstevens262) and became a fan of FRS on facebook (bretstevens262). You'll tear up Miwok!

  6. Found the Blog due to FRS giveaway. Enjoyed the blog and signed up for FRS

  7. I'm interested in trying this stuff out, I see the ads all the time on Looking forward to following you on Twitter.

  8. Oooh, the Pom Blueberry chews look tasty - I'd love to try those. I'm loving that they have options other than gels.

  9. Became a fan on facebook...would love to give it a try!

  10. The citrus pomegranate looks good!

  11. Checked out the FRS site, would love to try the pom-blue flavor chews. Will be doing a century ride and marathon this summer and looking for something to help me avoid bonking.

  12. I want to try the Pom Blueberry chews too!


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