Thursday, January 21, 2010

A reality break

I have been in Hawaii now for a week and a half. I feel like I disconnected from reality on the mainland and never looked back.

I have traveled a lot in my life. Been all over the world and I think this is the first trip, first time I have truly left behind everything: worries, stresses, routine, etc. And not just bad things, good things too. I simply have not thought about life, as it exists outside of these two weeks. I have never felt that way before. I am not necessarily having a more exciting or better trip than other vacations I have been on, I am simply the most present in what I am doing, which is in fact, a whole lot of nothing.

I have traveled many places in the world that I immediately have taken to, wanted to take up residence in and never leave. Surprisingly, this is not one of those places. It's beautiful, it's warm, it's relaxing. But I love my life back home, though I don't really miss it either.

It is a funny head space, good funny, but still funny. Right now my biggest decisions are which direction from home I will run in the morning, which beach will be sit on for a few hours and what flavor of coconut bliss do we want to eat for dessert. I am trying to remember what it's like to tackle my to do list, train like I mean it, organize house and home, work, etc. I have so disconnected myself and now, with only a few waning moments left I am trying to transition back, reconnect, reignite the passion and motivation. I haven't been writing while here, not on my blogs, not even in my journal. I haven't been twittering really, facebooking sparingly and have only vague inklings of the goings on in the world. I am present in my own little world, but not the world at large.

It has been amazing coming here to crew/pace for an very fun and brutal 100 mile race, but I think that there was no better decision than to spend a week AFTER the race existing in the space I just described. It would be awesome if I lived in a reality where I could show up the Thursday before a race, race and then hang out somewhere beautiful and relaxing like this for every race, but even in my vacation bubble I have no thoughts that it can be. It's nice though, I have enjoyed it and will continue to for the next couple of days. But in the coming days, I will contemplate one thing: what are the pieces I want to bring back with me? And how can I make that a reality?


  1. Hi Devon,
    That sounds like a wonderful head space, Hawaii is such a wonderful place.
    This is Kiley from Coconut Bliss & I just wanted to say thanks for including us in your fantastic vacation.
    Blissful Regards

  2. It's the aloha, dear. Savor every moment and bring some back with you. I love that place too.

  3. Just let the time refresh and renew you! You are so right about not wanting to live there, but something about what the island holds, especially if you can embrace the spirit, can leave you enriched. Soak it in, and swim with the sea turtles :)


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