Tuesday, September 15, 2009

TransRockies in the news

Justin, Caitlin and Martin at Camp Hale.

A really cool article/blog was written about Caitlin and I on RunnersWorld.com. We were interviewed directly after the race by one of my favorite RW blogger/writers Lisa Jhung. Though Runners World definitely doesn't cover the ultra world very well, it is the largest running publication out there, so to be in it (even just online) is pretty freaking cool to me!


  1. hey devon,

    i stumbled upon your blog rather by accident a couple months ago, and just wanted to say that i've really enjoyed reading it. i'm a beginner runner, i never ran as a teenager and have recently picked up marathons (i'm in my 20's), and reading your blog has really made me start thinking about ultra's. just wanted to let you know that your site is a great read, you're really inspirational, and although i'll probably never be able to run 6 min miles, i still have found how much i love the sport. oh, and your foodie page is great too, i've tried some of the recipies and love them :)

    also: thanks to your site i found out about the transrockies, and i would LOVE to run it! that event alone is motivation enough to train like crazy and up my mileage, just to be able to take part in it. i heart CO.

    kudos, and thanks!


  2. Thanks for your awesome comment Kamila! Glad you enjoy my sites. I hope you do pursue ultras, they are a fantastic experience. Also, you should definitely do TransRockies, it is a blast!


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