Friday, January 9, 2009

Get out the Vote is getting out the vote. For the best debut 100 mile performance of 2008 that is. I am honored to have even been thought of in the nominations, but it is pretty cool nonetheless. Check out the poll here and cast your vote, whether it is for me or some other nominee. What does one get for winning such a poll? Nothing but that doesn't bother me in the least! Its all in good fun.

As for my running lately, I can call it nothing short of inspired. I am feeling good, running smart and have all the indicators (both physiological, training and mental) that 2009 will shape up to be another great year! How exciting!

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  1. Devon,
    Congrats on your run at Vermont... you certainly earned the nomination. I just wish I hadn't bolted from the Vermont finish line (to pace a second time) before you finished! Best of luck in the new year - I hope our paths cross so I can meet you in person.


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