Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan and Dev's Excellent Adventure: 50k off the cuff

Always well that ends with running a impromptu 50k.....

I headed up to Bellingham on Sunday to check out some trails with Dan and go for a nice run. I figured we wouldn't be hitting it too hard since Dan ran CC100 last weekend and I had paced, and according to coach was suppose to be having a more recovery type week. I have felt phenomenal all week and had put in a 15 mile, 6:45 pace run on Saturday. Dan lead me on two runs, the first up the many twisty turny trails on Galbraith for a total of 2:20 and then we headed around the lake and he showed me some of the route for the 100 miler he wants to put on. The second part was 3:45, putting us at 6:05 for the day and a 50k according to ye old garmin. According to the same, we also did 12k of climbing which wouldn't surprise me since the first 3 miles of the second part was more than 3k in 3 miles as it was! We went out at a very plesant pace, enjoyed the day, pretended there was a view and covered some good miles. I feel great after my "recovery" week and wake up every day excited to train! We took lots of pictures and video which are below.

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