Monday, September 1, 2008

Dan and Dev's Excellent Adventure: 50k off the cuff

Always well that ends with running a impromptu 50k.....

I headed up to Bellingham on Sunday to check out some trails with Dan and go for a nice run. I figured we wouldn't be hitting it too hard since Dan ran CC100 last weekend and I had paced, and according to coach was suppose to be having a more recovery type week. I have felt phenomenal all week and had put in a 15 mile, 6:45 pace run on Saturday. Dan lead me on two runs, the first up the many twisty turny trails on Galbraith for a total of 2:20 and then we headed around the lake and he showed me some of the route for the 100 miler he wants to put on. The second part was 3:45, putting us at 6:05 for the day and a 50k according to ye old garmin. According to the same, we also did 12k of climbing which wouldn't surprise me since the first 3 miles of the second part was more than 3k in 3 miles as it was! We went out at a very plesant pace, enjoyed the day, pretended there was a view and covered some good miles. I feel great after my "recovery" week and wake up every day excited to train! We took lots of pictures and video which are below.


  1. It must feel good to have your mojo going again! It was fun having lunch today - that steak was to die for! Hah hah! Have a great time in Atlanta - see you in Utah!

  2. you are so hilarious laura. Yes lunch was amazing, I love hillside quickies. Steak, hardly! I am going to miss those amazing vegan wraps!

  3. Woah shaky cam! Cool pics and videos. Sounds like a great time.

  4. Hey Devon it was great to have you up. just wasn't the same running up galbraith with out someone to show it to today. And of course today was absolutely clear and you could see for miles.

  5. It's nice to see some posts again (HA! Coming from me this is meant to be slightly ironic). They are so multimedia, too! Your food as usual looks SO delicious. Good luck with revving up for WC100K! It's great that you can get a sort of second wind for this later part of the year.


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