Friday, June 27, 2008

My WS weekend, abbreviated version

Most people know by now that Western States 100 was canceled. If you didn't, well now you do. Shocking I know. But there are many fires raging in CA and they are threatening the course and if that's not enough, the smoke is so thick it is incredibly unhealthy. Disappointing, yes. Devastating, not so much, it simply is what it is. As I say and live by, no resistance, no stress. I have attempted to make alternative 100 plans and look forward towards the rest of my year and how it shapes up. I am back in Seattle and just going to enjoy my weekend off by running a marathon and then running home, cooking, hanging out with friends and hopefully bringing home my new addition to my family, a ex-racing greyhound! My brief trip to SF was still valid since I got to see my sick grandmother in the hospital and spend some time with my sister whom I miss very much and for whom I would have stayed the weekend in SF if the air quality wasn't so toxic and would have allowed me some good runs.

WS Memorial Run- The pink knee sock'd dark horsie rides again
My one run in SF wasn't much to write home about. In fact, I was tired and just emotionally drained. That and the air, even in the Headlands was smoky and greasy. All that aside, I donned my pink knee highs, laced up a pair of my sister's kicks (why I don't know, since I had 4 pairs of running shoes with me....) and headed out for my favorite Headlands loop before turning around and flying back to Seattle.

I did a "mini 100", i.e. 10 miles. My lungs felt awful due to the smoke that was hanging in the air and as you can see from the picture, obscuring the sun strangely. I brought my camera along because I love the view from the top, looking back to the city, but unfortunately, the one time I bring my camera, the bridge and city beyond are blotted out by smoke. I ran, not well, but I ran and celebrated in my heart and soul the fact that I came, I was ready, I did the work and that is the truest triumph. Getting to the start line ready is the point, the race itself is just frosting on the cake. As it is said, "I will prepare and then perhaps, my chance will come....". I am ready and now, perhaps my chance, my opportunity will come.

The smoky sun

This really IS an amazing view without the smoke and the inability to see anything...

It's windy up here (the obligatory WTF face)

Rep'in for the club that shall remain nameless

I am lucky not to get blown off this ridge.

Birthday BBQ
Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday 2 days early by holding a BBQ at my Uncle's house. It turned out really well and the weather held. I was so blessed to have so many friends come out and celebrate with me. I made tons of food, including burgers, veggie kabobs, a huge bowl of guacamole and tons of other fun stuff. The birthday cake from Flying Apron was absolutely amazing, PB&J Chocolate cake, vegan, gluten free and alternatively sweetened!

Having experienced a lot of disappointing birthdays in the past due to having a summer birthday, I was worried that no one would show up. But many did and I truly felt loved. Secretly, it really brought me to tears. My ecclectic group of friends and family took to each other like fish to water.... runners, vegans, librarians, childhood and long time friends. I had friends come from near and far, on foot and by motorcycle (all the way from Bellingham!). I had such a great time and am so blessed for the experience.

Dagan, Krissy, Cousin Erica, & Jonathan

I wanted to just eat it with a fork...but noooooo...

I knew everyone was enjoying their burgers and food cuz it got very very quiet on the deck.

Me and the darling, amazing best friend, Tara

And that is just the appetizers


  1. Happy belated birthday, Devon! I am sorry about WS for all of you/us, but love your attitude, seems everybody took it in stride. How about Headlands 100?

  2. I liked the blurred shoe photo and all the food has made me hungry! Great to see people having positive attitudes about the race being canceled.

  3. olga- looking at VT100. Headlands is the same weekend as another of my best friends weddings. I might do Burning River.

  4. You have such a great attitude - live inthe moment! At least it's incredibly sunny here in Seattle! And you will get your hot weather run in on Sunday (assume you're running Seafair).

    The bd party was great - I only wish I could have hung out longer. You do indeed have an amazing group of friends and relatives - why am I not surprised? ;-)

    I'm off to get pink socks,,,,

  5. Love, love, love the pink knee highs. My friend Kris is always sporting some funky socks while running.

    VT is a great course and very fast, you will tear that one up if you choose to go.

    Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday (belated)! Mine was the 23rd, too.

    I'm sorry about the WS100 cancellation. You have a great attitude about it and after you ran your mini 100 (the 10) and your lungs burned, I'm sure you realized they had your best interests in mind. You're so talented and you will get that opportunity again. :)

    Great pics, thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice socks! Happy belated birthday and probably see you in a few weeks!

  8. Happy Belated Bday, Devon!!!! Wishing you a fantastic year, one that is full of new paths, awakening journeys and many more enriching runs.

    You are one talented woman and I am so grateful you are sharing your thoughts, adventures and recipes with us!

  9. Funny - from that shot it looks like Erica and Krissy could be sisters!

    I see your name is finally up on the Seafair results! Yay!

  10. Happy birthday!!! Bummer you didn't make it to Squaw/Tahoe because it was actually really fun. But obviously seeing family in SF is more important.

  11. I think those are my old kicks! Glad they're getting some use. Wish I could have gone to your party but you know the story...also sad to not have made your blog anymore. :( Just kidding.


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