Monday, May 19, 2008

All things in review: a brief vignette

Yes I know, I know, I haven't blogged in forever. And within that forever there has been everything. Ok, well maybe not so expansive as that, but starting last Thursday life has been stuffed and sometimes with snot. And instead of continuing to look for the opportunity to blog about all that has happened in that time and adding and adding, I figured I would take the next 15 minutes I have before I have to leave for my next library training to get myself and you up to date....

Western States training weekend and the storybook monster in my lungs

Last weekend was suppose to be an excellent training weekend, kicked off by QS 50miler and then followed by a double canyon run on the hardest canyons on the WS course. Thursday night I was lying on my couch and I felt something crawl up on to my chest and jump down my throat and nest itself in my lungs. Being a children's librarian, I could see the pages of the picture book (not a real one) of something like this, complete with slimy green monster. Needlesstosay, that changed everything. I attempted to do the QS 50 miler, but was GETTING so sick that midrace when I could barely breathe and was throwing up, I decided to just do 50k. I wish I was recovering at that point, but really I had been hoping that the run would break whatever it was loose and instead it pushed it deeper. My lungs are very sensitive to flu stuff due to asthma. I still ran a very respectable 4:50 for the course, still love the course and would have been the female winner if they allowed mid-race switching, which surprisingly they don't. I was only off my own age group course record by 8 minutes and considering all things, I think I could easily knock 25 minutes off my time if healthy. I made the right decision. I then headed to Cafe Gratitude, ate amazing food and was off to Auburn. Hollis showed me various significant spots on the course and on Sunday morning, feeling worse and worse I set off to do a double canyon, which he said would be around a 6 hour run. Running down the 2,500/3 miles I didn't feel good, so going back up the other side of 3,000+/4.5 miles felt even worse. I did a lot of crying on the way up the hill. I made it to Devil's Thumb (around 7.5 miles or so) and started heading down into the next canyon when I realized I was being dumb and dumber. I turned around and headed back in the race direction. I made it down to El Dorado Creek and was filling my bottles thinking of the 3 miles straight up I had to go. Hollis told me 24hr runners take about 50 minutes to do it, so I was sure it was going to take me forever and lots of tears. I spent about 20 minutes at the bottom of the canyon just crying and then headed up the hill. I got a sudden burst of power and found the grade really runnable, I made it up in 47 minutes. I got to the top and head over to the Anderson/Trason residency where Hollis was hanging out with his good friends. Earlier I had asked Hollis, "So I was wondering, did Ann ever TRY to qualify for the Olympics in the marathon." He laughed hysterically. "No, the only marathons she ever wanted to run were training runs. Training runs of 2:35-2:40". I knew it!

After the run I was dead, by Monday I was so sick I couldn't even stand and so the week slipped away from me between taking monday off and then working the rest of the week. I managed to make a delicious Pho like soup when I was delirious on Monday. It took me 30 minutes of swaying around, standing in the aisle and the grocery to get the ingredients. On Wednesday, I made an amazing salad with greens hand picked from my own vegetable garden. YUM!!

From my garden!

Best salad in a while: dry roasted asparagus, tomato and mushroom. Pineapple, sprouts, dried cranberries and currants. Avocado. Greens from my garden and a balsamic reduction dressing.
Oops, one minute too many gotta run!


  1. Hope you feel better. Good to get it out of the way now though, eh? Awesome you got a first hand preview of the course. See you there next month.

  2. Hope you are feeling much much better now!

  3. You made pho!!!!!!!!! I need the recipe. Us country bumpkins won't be able to have it much. I knew you could do it! Oh and sorry about your sickness, but you already knew that.

  4. Oh, crapy crap on flu! I hope it goes out of the way with no left-overs and you're healthy and strong by WS!!!

  5. Glad you're starting to feel better but damn girl! You just keep going!!

    I was starting to get worried about you...

  6. Hey FF, I found your blog via runner's world. That last dish of veggies from your garden is making me HUNGRY! Looks very yummy.


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