Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a wild ride

I am all settled in Seattle. Wahoo! But its been a crazy month plus since I got back from the Netherlands. I really have been going at an outrageous speed for about 3 months now. Pretty exhausting. I thought that when I got to Seattle I would have a chance to get into my groove and start building my life there, ha, foolish me! I have been traveling so much for work that I actually have been in Seattle less than I have been there. It is nice to know though, that it is my home now....

With all the craziness of traveling, moving, working, training, etc I have been feeling a bit tired (sleep, what's sleep??) but today I was finally able to do my first post-WC100k long run. I have done some upper teens, low 20 milers, but today, I decided to get out and do a decent paced 50k training run. I picked a good hilly course to do my run on. I decided to do a 6 mile loop, a 9 mile loop and a 15 mile loop, stopping only long enough at the house to get a full waterbottle. I felt great most of the time, especially since my ATL massage therapist Oni had done wonders the day before in opening up my hips and psoas and getting my legs feeling awesome. On top of that, I had realized earlier on Saturday (while on a 12 miler) that my shoes were worn out x2 since those were the shoes I had worn to race in in the Netherlands (dead, dead, dead). So I got to break in a new pair while on my 50k, I wasn't worried about it since these are something like pair #14 of the shoe for me. I ran the first loop with a pace of 7:37 (for 6 miles), then 7:36 (for nine miles), then dropped pace a bit to who know what, though I had a nice final 2 miles at 7:05 pace, finishing in 3:48. I felt great except for the fact that starting my 15 mile loop about 1/4 mile away from my house, I got stung by a bee! Even worse, it managed to sting me just under the tongue of my shoe. It got swollen and painful, but I powered on. It was a great run and I feel good after my first higher mileage week since the world cup (86 miles) and am looking forward to some bigger weeks in the upcoming month!!!

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