Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Life

I just got back from Seattle and had a fantastic time. Not only did I get a chance to meet some of the great SRC'ers but I got to get out on Tiger Mt for an early morning run with the amazingly talented and radical person in general, Krissy Moehl. Fantastic times, can't wait for more good times with her and the SRC. I truly feel like I have entered the Ultrarunning mecca, but maybe I am just biased.

I was watching these little video today of Josh Cox, Meb Keflezighi and Ryan Browne. They are living up in Mammoth Lake, CA training day in and day out for the upcoming marathon trials. Its cool to watch someone who has the opportunity to eat, sleep, run, (and go to the gym). It must be such an amazing opportunity to pursue their passions in that way. I would love to just be able to do that, I think it would be quite fun. I am focusing on doing what I can with the time I have and also on finding sponsorship just to take care of my most basic of running needs (nevermind the idea of being so sponsored you can live off it...yeah right). But then again, to me living up in/near the mountains and running around with cool/talented people is pretty much going to be a reality here shortly (Seattle here I come!, less the whole quitting my day job thing....)

got my Team USA gear in the mail yesterday. Wahoo. I feel so official. Nice stuff. Nike sizes things very strangely though.

ok rambling done.

Monday, August 6, 2007

The Race report will not be televised...

I was supposed to run a 50k yesterday morning (Skyline 50k). I say "supposed to" because despite getting up, getting ready, driving all the way to the start, I did not run. Why? Because I couldn't think of one good reason to run the race. I could only think of bad reasons (pride, ego). And the most important thing being, I am definitely still tired from my 50miler two weeks ago. That one took alot out of me and I think that running that 18 miles a week later probably didn't help (pacing a friend). So as I sat there in my idling car, trying to convince myself to run. And then I said, but why? I have much more personally important races coming up and I want to be ready. I have already raced more this year than I have in the entire rest of my racing career. I only started racing 2 years ago! I don't want to run out of gas or burn myself out. This has been a year of experimentation of what works and what doesn't and racing a 50k two weeks after a 50miler (only the second run I have done that is longer than 40 miles!), is not going to work, yet.

So I took the day completely off and it felt good. I took a few more days off this past week that I usually do and that is ok. I sometimes feel like a broken record because I blog about taking time off, but really I am not trying to justify it, just reminding myself that rest (like good nutrition) are key to having a long and successful career at this. I feel much better today and look forward to a good training week.

Friday, August 3, 2007

That kind of week

The busy past two weeks caught up to me today. While I felt good last week after my 50 miler and managed to get 41 miles in during the week including 18 miles of pacing for my friend Joey in his first marathon (well, 13 miles of pacing and 5 miles getting to the meet up spot), this week has put the toll on me and I am just plain tired.

After pacing on Sunday, I took Monday and Tuesday off (except wt training and yoga on Monday), had good runs Wed and Yesterday, but today just couldn't get it together. This week was moving week and I moved out of my apartment on Wednesday and put things into my two storage containers to be shipped off to Seattle. Early Thursday morning someone broke into my container and so I had to spend the majority of the morning sitting on the sidewalk watching the container until they came to repair and take the containers away. Luckily, only a suitcase filled with shoes and two brand new pairs of Adidas running shoes were stolen. The whole thing didn't trouble me too much, though I do find it ironic that the one thing in my containers that I would say I wouldn't want to be stolen would be my last two pairs of a now extinct style of shoe. Oh well... I have two other pairs, but that is just two more pairs of shoes my non-sponsored self will have to buy. I just look at it that whomever took them, needed them more than me.

But I am tired today. I kept trying to get motivated but had to run all over for errands for school, work, etc today. And then there is the fact that I am racing on Sunday. So I should be resting. However, since last week was a recovery week, this week being a taper week is just hard. It makes me feel restless and tired all at the same time! I do want to be as fresh as possible for my race, but at the same time have to do a bit of extra work today to banish the negative thoughts that creep in. This month will continue to be intensely busy and I can imagine with the three more races that I have, that I will have to be very militant about my rest so I don't burn out. I tend to forget that it takes alot out of you to run 50 miles at altitude.... This month/6 weeks of training/racing/life are very much an experiment to see where I push and where I pull back. I need to walk a very fine line to make sure that everything gets done, that my training is maintained, that my health is supported and that my mental space is a good one. I think I am doing ok, but it is a continual growing process.

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