Monday, August 6, 2007

The Race report will not be televised...

I was supposed to run a 50k yesterday morning (Skyline 50k). I say "supposed to" because despite getting up, getting ready, driving all the way to the start, I did not run. Why? Because I couldn't think of one good reason to run the race. I could only think of bad reasons (pride, ego). And the most important thing being, I am definitely still tired from my 50miler two weeks ago. That one took alot out of me and I think that running that 18 miles a week later probably didn't help (pacing a friend). So as I sat there in my idling car, trying to convince myself to run. And then I said, but why? I have much more personally important races coming up and I want to be ready. I have already raced more this year than I have in the entire rest of my racing career. I only started racing 2 years ago! I don't want to run out of gas or burn myself out. This has been a year of experimentation of what works and what doesn't and racing a 50k two weeks after a 50miler (only the second run I have done that is longer than 40 miles!), is not going to work, yet.

So I took the day completely off and it felt good. I took a few more days off this past week that I usually do and that is ok. I sometimes feel like a broken record because I blog about taking time off, but really I am not trying to justify it, just reminding myself that rest (like good nutrition) are key to having a long and successful career at this. I feel much better today and look forward to a good training week.

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  1. I think you definitely made the right choice and your line of thinking is totally logical. Good move. Rest is indeed very important.


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