Friday, July 27, 2007

When it all clicks

There are days like yesterday when at least for a minute you have a glimmer of "this is how its suppose to be/feel like" or moreso "this is what I have been working towards". That meaning, that yesterday just 5 days after probably the most taxing effort I have made in a race (or equal to Mad City), I was able to go for a brilliant 10 mile run, the day after doing a nice easy 8 miler. I am trying not to rush back into it at all and will ease my way into the weekend, but there was no residual soreness or tiredness from the race. I really feel like my training and nutrition has gotten me to this place where the idea of racing 4 times in 2 months seems more and more realistic and that I will be able to put in good efforts at each race.

It is a nice feeling to say the least!

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  1. Congratulations Devon on your dominating performance at TRT! I'm so sorry I didn't get to congratulate you in person, I must have just missed you. After the long drive up early saturday morning, I decided to get out for a long run on the PCT and jump in Donner Lake before showing up at spooner around 3PM. I had fun volunteering at Mt. Rose and watching the finish of the 100 mile race! I love it that you packed your own homemade food for the race weekend! I'm the same way, and was toting whole grain pasta with veggies, goat sausage, and pesto, almond butter & banana sandwiches, and muesli and lots of fresh fruit around all weekend.
    Maybe we could cook a meal together or go for a run before you leave us for Seattle? That would be fun!
    This morning I ran for the first time with a CamelBak on, and it wasn't too bad. I figure I've got to get used to carrying weight in preparation for TransRockies. Maca is now another thing on my list to try! I'm glad you're feeling so strong post-race, what an amazing season for you!

    Sarah (in berkeley)


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