Monday, July 16, 2007

Race week

Finally, after about two months I am all set to race again. A week ago Sunday I did my final long run on the Headlands course again and bested my previous weeks run by 17/secs per mile. Sweet. Needlesstosay, I was able to tuck into my taper week comfortably. I ran about 60 miles last week, including a "short" long run on Tam of 14 miles.

There of course were the usual taper week doubts and heavy legs, but I am starting to recognize the "symptoms" and just let it go. I am very excited for Saturday because I am excited for the challenge of 1) 50 miles on trail which I haven't done & 2) altitude. Here is where I get to have another real test. But I think every race I run is a major test. Every course & distance has something new to challenge with. I look forward to that hungrily.

It was a great week though. I had a major breakthrough in my own consciousness a bit more than a week ago that translates roughly to: I am moving back to Seattle. It is a long and complicated journey that has allowed me to arrive at this decision and I can say, I couldn't be more thrilled. It is much to much to explain here, for now, but it is the most positive, amazing, exciting thing for me. I cannot wait to hit the trails in the Cascades and Olympics! I cannot wait to meet up and run with some of the fantastic runners from Seattle Running Company (whose team I am hoping to join). I am just floating in the moment and it is such a nice feeling...

So as for the rest of this week pre-race? Eat, sleep, run, relax, and enjoy!


  1. You're going to do great this weekend! Can't wait for the race report. And congrats on the decision to move to Seattle. That seems like a great fit for you. And, Scott Jurek lives there!

  2. hi Devon,

    I'm excited that you've got a great opportunity with a team in Seattle, although sad that you're leaving the Bay Area.

    I posted recently on your other blog, but as you seem to be writing much more here, I thought I would repost here:

    1) I hope you have a great race at TRT this weekend! I'll be volunteering at the Mt. Rose Aid Station, maybe pacing also. You will probably be done with the race before I begin volunteering, so maybe I can catch you at the finish line before I head out.

    2) I'm so excited that you're doing the TransRockies race in September. I am also registered.

    I made it to Leadville just before July 4th and got to preview some of the trails that the race will cover.

    I am wondering if you know any other women or men (a little slower than you!) who might be interested in partnering with me. My partner just bailed because he hasn't been training enough, so I am scrambling to find someone who has a strong running base who is interested.

    3) any tips for a novice chia seed eater? Can you tell us in general how you coordinate your chia consumption in relation to your long training runs? I've read some online about making chia gel, ratios of water to seeds, etc., but there is a lot out there, and I would appreciate any advice!

    Sarah (in Berkeley)
    ssyed *at*

  3. Sarah-
    1) Awesome that you'll be volunteering this weekend. See you either at the aid station or at the end! Hopefully it will be a good day for me.

    2) While I have vague hopes of doing the Trans-Rockies, it looks like the move to Seattle and the general fatigue from the 100k are going to make that not so possible

    3)I don't know anyone off hand whom I can recommend but I will think about it more and get back to you.

    4) Chia Seeds- What has worked (incredibly well for me) is to eat my pre-long run meal and then mix a spoon full of water with a small glass of water and drink up! I have found that eating it first means a higher percentage of the seeds get moved (ahem...) through my system with the fiber/contents of my prerun meal. When I take it after I eat, it stays in my stomach. That has worked for me, but trial and error and seeing what works for you is a safe bet!


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