Friday, May 25, 2007

Night Running and Cello music

Last night I went on a really fun late night run. I hadn't been able to get out during the day so after class, I hit the road for a short 6 mile loop. It was quite invigorating and an interesting experience as compared to early morning running. The streets are busier in places but I completely owned the streets for the most part (which is also true in the morning) but it felt different because the streets continued to get more empty as opposed to full (as they do in the morning). Plus, there was something that felt more rebel about running around at 10pm. I know that there are many people and situations that say that running as a female at night is not a good idea, but I stuck to main streets and didn't do anything dumb. Plus, that just made me run faster. I wore my headphones and as I ran through the fog, my favorite piece of mournful cello music came on and there was some spooky and surreal about it (Paul Scott's Essays). I felt like I was floating along in a dream. It was nice to discover (for the second time this week) how much running on the evening's cusp or utter darkness of night is so much fun....

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